Maximize your home sale

Our unique selling solutions help you sell faster and maximize your sale price, giving you the options and financial flexibility you’ve earned.

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More options. Better sale.

When downsizing, every minute and dollar matters. With the Swick Real Estate Group’s home sale services, you have unique options to achieve your goals within your timeline.

Guaranteed Buy Program

Don't have time for the prep and closing time needed for typical home sale? We'll buy your home at an as-is market price so you can close in two weeks or less. No repairs, renovations, or hassle*.

Guaranteed MAX Program

We'll recommend repairs and renovations to maximize your home's market price. If once improved we don't sell it for 10% more than the as-is price, we'll sell it for free*.

Guaranteed Sale Program

With this program, we'll buy your home at a pre-negotiated price for cash if your home does not sell within a specified timeframe. This allows you to test the market for the maximum market price with the guarantee of a market-price sale *.

Estate Sales/Probate

We're certified to assist with estate and probate sales of real estate, which includes advanced documentation, title tracking, and court guidelines.

*Restrictions apply

Get a personalized plan & expert service

From planning to contractor coordination to moving, we’ll take care of the details.

Presale Condition Assessment

We'll provide you with an assessment of what your home could sell for as-is and how much more it could sell for with tactical repairs and renovations.

Probate and Estate Pricing

We'll provide a current market price evaluation to determine the value of your real estate in probate, Medicaid, and Medicare proceedings.

Repair & Renovation Management

If repairs and renovations are needed to sell your home, we will coordinate with expert contractors to complete updates quickly with top quality.

Sales & Marketing

Put your best foot forward with the Swick Real Estate Group's 34 years of Cincinnati-Dayton real estate sales and marketing leadership.

GAP Financing

We'll arrange short-term financing in the event your move to a new home happens before your home sale closes.

Moving Services

Need movers? Or contractors to renovate your next home? We'll make the arrangement for you and ensure all goes smoothly.

Need help downsizing?

Contact us today for your free downsizing consultation.

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